Alfredo Galvan

A native of Mexico, Alfredo Galvan developed a talent for drawing early in his life. At 16 he began his career as an apprentice in animation studios where he worked on various animated television commercials and an animated motion picture, then later ventured into comic book strips and illustrated various books.

Wanting to make a dream become reality he went back to school for Automotive Design his most loved passion. Today Alfredo has his own studio focusing on illustration were he works with both his passion and his talent.


1996 – At 16 years old, apprenticed in animated television commercials and worked in various national campaigns.

1998 – Entered the comic book industry with his own comic strip.

2001 – Worked on animation for a Motion Picture and more television commercials.

2003 – Illustrated a series of books for famous Latin American author Lucy Aspra.

2004 – Pursued passion for Automotive Design and returned to school.

2005 – Worked as a Creative Director for a local newspaper with 20,000 isues per month.

2005 – Moved away from his home town (Mexico City) to the Mayan Riviera and worked as photographer of wildlife and sea life.

2008 – Moved to Canada with his wife and started his own business.

2010 – Opened his own studio in the graphic industry, focusing on illustration.